Exposing 9 Metal Roofing Myths

There are several misconceptions that persist today about metal roofing. Learn the truth about nine common metal roofing myths.

MYTH 1 – When it rains metal roofs are noisy This is one of the most common misconceptions of residential metal roofing. If you stood under a metal shed or garage, yes the noise would be louder, but metal roofing installed above your ceiling and over insulation is generally no louder than any other roofing material.

MYTH 2 – A metal roof will increase the likelihood of your house getting struck by lightning While metal conducts electricity, electricity is not drawn to it. A metal roof is no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other roofing material. In fact, it can be safer than some other roofing materials because a metal roof is non-combustible.

MYTH 3 – Metal roofing rusts easily Metal roofing materials that are properly coated by a leading manufacturer such as BlueScope Steel, properly installed and maintained do not rust easily. When metal sheets reach the end of their very long lifespan, the zinc protective coating begins to wear thin and when the bare metal becomes exposed to the air it may rust in sections.

MYTH 4 – Metal roofs are susceptible to damage by hail  The typical hailstorm will cause little to no damage to your metal roof.  While extremely large hailstones can dent any type of roofing material, choosing a metal roof with a deeper profile can greatly minimize the dents visible from the ground caused by even the largest of hailstones.

MYTH 5 – You can’t walk on a metal roof You can, but you have to know how to do it without causing damage. Check with the manufacturer of the product you choose to find out the best way to walk on your roof to keep from damaging it and to keep from harming yourself. Metal roofs are actually easier to walk on without causing damage than tiles and are designed to allow a lot of foot traffic.

MYTH 6 – A metal roof will make your house colder in winter Actually, a metal roof has no effect on the temperature of the typical vented roof space in winter. It’s the insulation under your roof or on the ceiling space that keeps you warm. A properly insulated roof will keep the heat inside.

MYTH 7 – A metal roof will make you house hotter in summer Combining COLORBOND® Steel, Thermatech® Technology with insulation will help your building remain comfortable all year. Thermatech® Technology helps your roof and your building stay cooler by reflecting more of the sun’s heat. Whilst a Metal Roof may heat up faster than a tile roof, it also cools down faster once the sun is off it because steel has a low thermal mass. Therefore in summer, air-conditioners have an easier job keeping your building cool and saving money on energy costs as well as reducing emissions from electricity generation. The choice of colour can also influence thermal performance. Lighter colours in particular, radiate less heat during summer.

MYTH 8 – COLORBOND® Metal Roofing Peels Easily With a durable, baked-on paint finish, COLORBOND® Steel resists chipping, peeling and cracking to deliver long life performance with low maintenance. COLORBOND® Steel is made specifically to withstand the harsh Australian Climate.

MYTH 9 – Metal Roofing is more expensive than tile roofing Costs per square meterage for tile and COLORBOND® Steel Roofing are comparable, however the longevity and installation costs for metal roofing make it significantly more cost effective. A metal roof can be installed to the structure of any existing tiled or slate roof, however if you have a steel roof you cannot put a tiled roof in its place. Tiles are significantly heavier and reinforcement of your premises is generally required. This can be expensive.


For over 45 years COLORBOND® Steel has evolved into one of the worlds most advanced building materials. It has been tried and tested in some of the harshest climates across Australia.

Today, according to research carried out by BlueScope Steel, nearly half of all new homes in Australia have roofs made from COLORBOND® Steel, 9 out of 10 new homes built in Australia feature products made from COLORBOND® Steel and over 80 per cent of all Australian gutters and fascia’s are made from COLORBOND® Steel.

COLORBOND® Steel has become Australia’s single most popular roofing brand.


If you are considering a Metal Roof, the South Australian roofing team here at Hindmarsh Roofing are happy to discuss your needs and talk to you at length about your project.

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