Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hindmarsh Roofing provide free written quotations?

Yes. Hindmarsh Roofing provides obligation free quotes. Our estimators will assess your roofing and rainwater product needs and supply a detailed, written quotation for your consideration.

Does Hindmarsh Roofing hold all relevant licences and insurances?

Hindmarsh Roofing holds a Building Works Contractors Licence, specified to Roof Plumbing. We are fully insured and registered with Return To Work SA and $20,000,000.00 Public Liability Insurance.

What warranties and guarantees does Hindmarsh Roofing offer?

Hindmarsh Roofing offers a 10 year workmanship warranty.

BlueScope Steel offers a warranty against corrosion to perforation by weathering in the natural elements for a period of up to 36 years for COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel from the date of installation. BlueScope Steel also warrants that the paint system on COLORBOND® steel will not flake or peel due to natural weathering for a period of up to 20 years from the date of installation.

Nexteel™ offers a perforation warranty of up to 42 years, and a paint performance warranty of up to 30 years for the NextSTAR™ range.

Does Hindmarsh Roofing undertake commercial and industrial metal roofing and cladding projects?

Yes. Most commercial and industrial roofs are metal. We work closely with the project manager or owner. Our aim is to keep the businesses running with minimum disruptions.

What are Hindmarsh Roofing’s typical lead times?

Most projects can commence in 2-3 weeks and in some cases earlier from acceptance of the quotation, weather permitting.

Do I need to be home when Hindmarsh Roofing undertake the roofing works?

No. The roofing work that we undertake all happens to the exterior of your premises. The level of noise is dependent on the scope of work being carried out. Prior to commencing your job, we will advise you of any interruptions to your property.

Why does the price differ from one roofing company to another?

The price you are quoted is determined by the quality of roofing materials used and by the experience and skill of the roof plumber on the job. When comparing roofing quotations, it is critical for you to question the roofing contractor about the materials, rainwater products, level of insulation etc used in their estimate and to ensure you fully understand what you are getting for the price. Request to view insurance, licences and check what warranty is offered. Question how long have they been in business to back those warranties? Is the competing contractor trained and an approved contractor by the manufacturer? These are just a few things to consider when comparing quotations.

What happens if it rains while my roof is being replaced?

We generally remove sections of the roof at a time which enables us to promptly cover up the roof should it rain. We keep up to date with weather forecasts to limit interruptions to our work and ensure your roof is water tight before we leave. We also have emergency tarpaulins available in the unlikely event we are unable to cover the area before it rains.

Does Hindmarsh Roofing recommend insulation?

Yes. There are several reasons why it is beneficial to install insulation during the roofing and re-roofing process. While insulation is not legally required (except in bushfire prone areas), insulation makes a significant difference to the comfort level of premises and is significantly cheaper to install during the roofing and re-roofing process. It will keep your premises warmer in winter and cooler in summer, therefore reducing your heating and cooling costs. By installing the insulation directly under the new roof sheeting, the insulation is out of the way, allowing safe access to the cavity. Insulation is beneficial for noise reduction, anti-condensation and thermal purposes.

How much will my roofing project cost?

There are several components that affect the price of your roofing quotation – roof size and roof pitch, the type of material being removed, choice of new roofing materials and site access, just to name a few. It is therefore difficult to quote a project without viewing or measuring on site or by plan take-off. Hindmarsh Roofing will provide you with a detailed, written quotation before commencing any work on your property.

Does Hindmarsh Roofing provide assessments and quotations after hours?

Yes. While our business hours are between 8.30am – 5.30pm, we understand how busy life can be and the need for flexible hours. We are available by appointment after hours and on the weekends.

Is Hindmarsh Roofing a member of any professional associations?

Yes. We have been members with the Housing Industry Association since 1991 and the Master Builders Association since 2007.

Does Hindmarsh Roofing only use premium quality products?

Hindmarsh Roofing only use and recommend genuine Australian products and materials. We align ourselves with the most credible and reputable Australian Owned Manufacturers, Roll Formers and Distributors such as BlueScope Steel, Fielders Steel, Nexteel and Revolution Roofing. All our products and materials are designed and built for the Australian climate and conditions. BlueScope Steel and Nexteel provide you with the security of a pre-approved guarantee on materials when used in accordance with their specifications and installed by a licenced roof plumber.

Does Hindmarsh Roofing recommend gutter guard?

Yes. If your premises are located in a leafy area, the installation of gutter guard is wise preventative maintenance. Gutter guard prevents leaves and debris clogging up your gutters and downpipes, thereby reducing the risk of expensive water damage. Gutter guard will save you time with general roof cleaning and maintenance.

What is the average time it takes to complete a new metal roofing or re-roofing project?

This will depend on the complexity and size of your roof, but we generally allow 3-6 days for residential projects. Commercial and Industrial project time frames vary. Our estimators will notify you of how long the project will take to complete.

Will my property be damaged during the roofing or re-roofing process?

We will endeavour to leave your property looking the same, if not better than when we arrived. In the unlikely instance that your property is damaged, Hindmarsh Roofing will cover any costs involved and will rectify the issue as promptly as possible.

Does Hindmarsh Roofing clean up the site and dispose of the old roofing materials?

Yes. All old roofing materials, off cuts and debris are stacked neatly during the roofing and re-roofing process. The materials are then collected, usually on the day of completion, by our rubbish removal contractor. On larger projects, intermediate site cleans will be organised to ensure a safe working environment at various stages as required throughout the project. All the old metal and offcuts of metal are recycled, ensuring we are doing our bit for the environment.

What payment options does Hindmarsh Roofing offer?

We accept cash, direct deposit, personal check, bank cheque, Visa and Mastercard payments.

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